• Alter 27
  • Augenfarbe Grün
  • Größe 163
  • Gewicht 55
  • Konfektion 34
  • Haarfarbe Schwarz
  • Haarlänge schulterlang
  • Körperstatur Wunderschönes Gesicht
  • BH-Größe 75C, Silicone
  • Tattoo Ya
  • Konversation Deutsch Englisch Rusisch Türkisch
  • Typ mitteleuropäisch
  • IMG-20230912-WA0032
  • IMG-20230912-WA0031
  • IMG-20230912-WA0027
  • IMG-20230912-WA0028
  • IMG-20230912-WA0029
  • IMG-20230912-WA0030


Jasmin is the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Her grace and charm captivate, offering a unique blend of companionship that is both engaging and memorable. With stunning looks and a captivating personality, she creates deeply fulfilling encounters. Jasmin’s intuition and passion for adventure make every moment unforgettable. Perfect for any setting, she ensures an experience that exceeds expectations. Discover companionship at its finest with Jasmin.